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Beautiful and wide beach and exceptionally warm water of the Baltic Sea

Świnoujście: a resort with a beautiful and wide beach and exceptionally warm water of the Baltic Sea. Its whose climatic advantages were appreciated already in 1826.
The sea beach, which has been awarded for its cleanliness and development with the “Blue Flag” for years, is even 130 meter wide and is the most extensive beach at the Polish coast.
The town is located in the temperate climate zone influenced by warm currents from over the Atlantic Ocean. Variable weather without rapid changes in temperature, mild winters, little precipitation, weak wind in comparison to other places at the seaside.

The Baltic Sea is

exceptionally warm in Świnoujście

The Baltic Sea is exceptionally warm in Świnoujście. In summer, sea currents warm up the water even to 26*C and the unique fauna and flora, as well as the location of the town on 44 islands and along a clean and wide beach make this resort the most attractive spot at the Polish seaside. As the sea water withdraws, the sandy beach gets wider and wider every year. The swimming zone is quite shallow. The beaches are surrounded with pine and beech forests and sand dunes. Not far from the town there is a bird sanctuary with cormorants. Many walking, cycle and canoe routes and three promenades.

Interesting places

in Świnoujście:

  • "Mill" Beacon: the symbol of the town and a navigation sign
  • Królowa Jasności Lighthouse: the highest bricked lighthouse in the world (68 meter high)
  • the fountain of 2015, which was constructed to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the town: a steel ball of the diameter of 2 meters, partially flooded with water
  • the Nadmorski Park and the Zdrojowy Park: between the resort and promenade and the centre of the town, with a shopping mall, a 3D cinema and shops
  • a 12-kilometer Promenade from the resort district to the border with Germany, with elegant shops, restaurants and a band shell. The Zdrowia Promenade is a walking and cycle route going along the seaside forest. The Nowa Promenade goes along sand dunes
  • Water Park
  • Oceanarium
  • Underground Town
  • museums: The Museum of Coastal Defence in the Gerhard Fort, the Museum of Sea Fishing, the Museum of the History of the Świnoujście Fortress
  • for amateurs of sailing: a marina which is located approximately 800 metres from the Albus suites
  • a kitesurfing school on the beach, close to the Albus suites
  • Karsiborska Kępa with the bird sanctuary
  • ferry trips to Sweden (Ystad, Trelleborg)
  • tourist agencies offering trips to close and far places (Lighthouse, 44 islands, Szczecin, Berlin and Potsdam, Hamburg and Lubeck, Imperial Resorts of Ahlbeck and Heringsdorf, Peenemunde, where V2 rackets were produced and tested, the Usedom island, the Rugia island, Copenhagen and the Hamlet Castle).


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